TH30608 Gender and Sexuality

TH30608 Gender and Sexuality

TH30608 Gender and Sexuality


Sexuality in Christianity has often been a source of shame, exclusion, violence, and oppression. Theologians and ethicists have also offered liberative, celebratory, and nourishing theologies of sexuality.


This course explores a wide range of theological dimensions of and approaches to human sexuality, including gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, sexual activity, sexual health and well-being, reproductive justice, family systems and arrangements, and systems, including ecclesial systems, that assign meaning, power, and hierarchies to different aspects of sexuality.

Students will engage multiple perspectives and stories and develop there own theology of sexuality.

Course Description

Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the historical, cultural, and psychological impacts of Christian understandings of gender and sexuality.
  2. Explain the intersectionality of gender, sexuality, and race.
  3. Formulate one’s own theological and ethical values as they relate to gender and sexuality and explain how these values will shape one’s own ministry.
  4. Assess and develop strategies for education and inclusion as they relate to gender and sexuality in the church or one’s own context.
  5. Demonstrate strengthening of inter- and intrapersonal assets as described by Marks 1.1, 3.5, 7.6,8.1., 8.2, 8.3, 8.4, and 8.6.
    1. Maintaining Christian community in the course
    2. Strengthening inter- and intra- personal assets

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