Explore the history, polity, theologies, and practices of the UCC

The purpose of this course is to explore the history, polity, theologies, and practices of the United Church of Christ and its predecessor denominations. The course will include an exploration of denominational identity, hidden histories within the denomination, case studies around current issues of polity and structure, current ecumenical conversations, emerging trends within the United Church of Christ, and more. Successful completion of this course will fulfill the history and polity requirement for authorized ministry in the United Church of Christ in many associations and conferences.

The cost of this course is $595.00.  

Learning Objectives for the Course:

  • To examine how the understanding of “Jesus Christ as sole Head of the Church” inform UCC polity, structure, and organizational life.
  • To apply an understanding of the oneness of the body of Christ throughout UCC covenantal bodies.
  • To demonstrate knowledge of UCC history, polity, and theology by communicating it to others.
  • To integrate the core values of the United Church of Christ (i.e., continuing testament, extravagant welcome, and changing lives) as part of pastoral identity.
  • To articulate an understanding of the future church.
  • To demonstrate the ability to articulate a theology and practice of ministry consistent with the history and polity of the United Church of Christ.
  • To appraise the ways ecumenical and interfaith partnerships shape and influence the United Church of Christ.
  • To apprehend the diverse theological perspective in the United Church of Christ.

Required Texts

  • Hollyday, Joyce, C. On the Heels of Freedom: the American Missionary Association’s Bold Campaign to Educate Minds, Open Hearts, and Heal the Soul of a Divided Nation

Four of the required texts listed immediately below are sold together in the smaller bundle from UCC Resources. The small bundle ($67 plus shipping) is the best deal even though it includes two other recommended texts. Click here to buy the UCC History & Polity bundle.

  • Post, Margaret Rowland, History and Program, Revised and Updated
  • Steckel, Clyde J., New Ecclesiology and Polity, The United Church of Christ
  • Walker, Randi, The Evolution of a UCC Style
  • Zikmund, B. ed., Hidden Histories in the United Church of Christ, Vol. 1 (available online)

Additional Required Texts available individually at UCC Resources